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12 Days of CRM: Day Three – What Should CRM Do for You


On the third day of CRM Chris Kringle Fritsch informed me, three things CRM should do for me!

CRM can do a thousand things, literally. But how do you know what it should do for your business? The answer is simple, provide value. Then you’re left asking, “How do we define value?”

Your definition of value is unique to your business, and unique to the departments within your organization and even individual users. Value could be minimizing effort, maximizing relationships, automating processes or facilitating business development.

While these are all important, different stakeholders will care about different things. You should define value early in the implementation process, so every communication point drives home the message that the business got the CRM to help the firm achieve its goals, but also, to help individual professionals achieve their goals.

Chris Fritsch, of CLIENTSFirst Consulting, goes over different ways you can define value at your firm and how to properly communicate value at any stage of a CRM initiative.

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