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An Apple a Day Keeps CRM Failure Away Part 2 – A Bad Apple


In the past, you may have heard stories about CRM failures, disasters and unmet expectations. CRM has been branded as an over-hyped, overpriced technology with poor adoption and little or no ROI. It’s rotten to the core. In fact, some people have even proclaimed that CRM is dead.  

In reality, CRM success is more of an apple and tree issue. It’s way too easy to blame CRM failure on the technology. Usually when CRM fails to meet expectations, the problem is not about the technology at all. It’s about the expectations:
  • Firms install CRM systems and suddenly expect them to solve world hunger – or at least help to feed all the hungry associates and other attorneys who need more work but have been unable or unwilling to focus on business development.
  • End users are mesmerized by the dog and pony show and plan to implement all the bells and whistles all at once.
  • The data is bad because the firm was not willing to devote the resources to cleaning it up or maintaining it.
  • There is no plan or strategy for success – and, as a result no success (shocker!).
But it doesn’t have to be that way…
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