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The Business Development Trickle Effect


Drip… drip… drip… That little drop of water trickling down the sink drain often seems pretty insignificant. But over time, those small drips add up. In fact, one drip per second is actually 86,400 drips in a day. In a year, a few little drips here and there can add up to between 500 and 2,000 gallons of wasted water. Now that seems a little more significant – especially if you’re the one paying the water bill.

Little Efforts Can Produce Big Results

It’s the same with business development. Little things can mean a lot. You don’t have to try to do lots of big things. In fact, if you try to do too much, most of the time you won’t be able to get it all done, and it can end up actually being frustrating and counterproductive. Instead, it’s actually better to focus on the little things. For instance, try:

  • Having one lunch a week with a Client or prospect
  • Taking a 20 minute coffee break once a week to sit down and learn more about the practice of another attorney in the firm
  • Attending one meeting a month of an industry or trade organization
  • Going to one business or marketing conference a year
  • Adding a new piece of relevant information or experience to your bio at the conclusion of a matter
  • Contributing a couple paragraphs to a blog post for the firm
  • Sending a relevant article with a personal note to a Client or prospect

Once you start doing these little business development activities regularly, they will become almost habitual. As a result, you’ll find yourself meeting new prospects and referral sources. Soon you’ll be getting new Clients almost effortlessly. Then over time you’ll realize that the little things really do add up to big things.

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