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Categorizing CRM Contacts – Target Practices


When you are trying to target key groups, it can also be beneficial to categorize your CRM contacts by firm practice area or group. This type of category can be helpful if you want to enhance communications with Clients of a certain practice or if you want to focus on cross selling between practices. 

How many times recently have you been asked by a partner to pull a list of the firm’s Healthcare or Energy Clients from your CRM contacts because the firm is suddenly looking to expand in an area that is particularly ‘hot’? Or maybe you are trying to induce a new lateral or group of attorneys to come on board, but first they want to see the firm’s top Clients in their particular practice specialty. Or maybe it’s as simple as the attorneys can’t believe that you can’t quickly and easily pull a list of key contacts to invite to the labor and employment seminar. 

If these types of request are next to impossible to manage, then this type of categorization makes absolute sense. Remember, one of the best ways to really improve your aim at your key targets is to ‘practice.’ 

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