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Getting Engaged: Enticing Lawyers To Commit To Marketing Technology – Part 3 Blog Post

Getting Engaged: Enticing Lawyers to Commit to Marketing Technology – Part 3

Planning for “Happy Ever After” Like any good affair, a successful technology deployment requires extensive planning. There are a number of important considerations, but based on experience gained from working together with hundreds of firms on successful marketing and business…

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Outsourcing Marketing Technology Support To Boost Efficiency And Profits – Part 2 Blog Post

Outsourcing Marketing Technology Support To Boost Efficiency and Profits

Download the PDF  But Is Outsourcing Right for Your Firm? Smart leaders are always looking for ways to make their firms more efficient and profitable. Outsourcing some administrative functions, especially in areas involving some of technologies that support marketing and…

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Top Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing Technology Support Article

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing Technology Support – Part 2: Is Outsourcing Right for Your Firm?

Outsourcing some marketing functions, especially in areas that involve technologies to support marketing and business development, can solve a number of problems and provide important benefits for your firm and team. In our last post, Top Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing…

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