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Communication for CRM Success Part 1: Effective, Ongoing Communication

Whether you are rolling out a new CRM system or trying to enhance the adoption or participation with your current system, effective CRM communications is key. At most firms, you’ve really got to talk it up. In some firms, you may have to shout it from the rooftop.
CRM communications must be both effective and ongoing because CRM is not simply a rollout, initiative or a project. Rather, it’s a fundamental change – and improvement – in how the firm manages the most important assets it has: its relationships. Firms that think of CRM this way are always more successful. 

Shout Out the Benefits Through CRM Communications

The first message your end users need to hear, of course, is why CRM is important for the firm. Even more important though, they need to know what’s in it for them. No matter how dedicated a group of end users you may have, if there is no benefit to them as a result of using the CRM system, getting adoption will be challenging. OK, I know, a couple of you may be asking, “What if my law firm is not filled with compliant, tech savvy, early adopters who take direction well and are always eager to spend time on fun things like CRM?” Well, if you don’t have the luxury of working at the Fantasy Law Firm, communication will be even more important.
So what kinds of benefits might we be talking about…? 
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