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Communication for CRM Success Part 2: Why Should Attorneys Care about CRM?

Human nature dictates that we all tend to do things that are in our best interest. This is especially true in the context of technology adoption in a law firm. For attorneys, time is money, literally, so they are not going to waste any of their precious and limited time doing things that they don’t consider important. This means that to drive CRM adoption in the law firm, first you have to make them care.

CRM With a Purpose

Why should lawyers care about CRM adoption? Well, first it’s important to communicate why the firm cares. What was the vision and what were the primary reasons behind the decision to invest a significant amount of time and money in the CRM technology in the first place? Back in the day, the old standard reply would have been, “Because all the other firms are doing it.” But I’m betting that answer is not going to cut it with most lawyers anymore.

Tell Them What’s In It For Them

Today, you may need to provide some more persuasive reasons such as:  
  • Reducing costs and enhancing efficiency
  • Improving communication, coordination and Client service
  • Minimizing repetitive or redundant processes
  • Identifying and leveraging business relationships
  • Increasing business development success
Once you have communicated the firm’s “mission statement” for CRM adoption and success, all of the altruistic attorneys in your firm should soon be lined up outside your door volunteering to help make the CRM rollout a success for the common good. Yeah, right! Perhaps they may need a little more encouragement …  
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