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The CRM Architect


Building a home – and configuring a new CRM system – are complex projects. For both, it typically makes sense to bring in an expert to help plan the project. Just as it makes sense to hire a skilled architect to create the blueprint for your new home, for a CRM project, it can be helpful to enlist the services of an experienced consultant or CRM architect.

The ideal CRM architect should have significant expertise, of course, and will likely be able to share references from other happy clients whose perfect CRM homes he or she has helped design. Most importantly, though, you should feel that this person is invested in your CRM success. Before beginning to draw up any plans, the CRM architect should spend plenty of time getting to know you. Interviews should be conducted with key firm stakeholders in order to help define project success.

Understanding CRM options, costs, benefits and functionality

Once your CRM architect understands your needs and requirements, he or she should be able to talk you through the options. The architect should also help you to understand both the costs and benefits associated with the options, as well as the features and functions. The aim is to help you choose functionality that will address your needs effectively and efficiently. Finally, your CRM architect should be able to introduce you to a variety of potential system “builders” and help you evaluate them so that you can find the right provider to construct the perfect CRM home for your firm.

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