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CRM Success by the Numbers – Part 1: As Easy as 1, 2, 3


When people who are tasked with responsibilities for CRM systems are asked to define success, many words come to mind — words like challenging, demanding, difficult, stressful, time-consuming… painful, impossible, unattainable… changing jobs, retiring, quitting, outa here… It can be enough to have you contemplating the view from your office ledge.

Come down off that ledge. With just a little help, you may find yourself jumping for joy instead. Realistically, CRM success shouldn’t evoke feelings of pain or frustration. Instead, the thought of CRM success can actually bring you a sense of inner calm and peace – even a feeling of achievement or accomplishment. How is this possible, you ask?
One of the biggest frustrations about CRM success is that often it isn’t clearly defined. How can you achieve something that isn’t being measured? The best way to define success – and stay off that ledge – often involves utilizing numbers – like goals or metrics. They say what gets measured gets done. Measurements, aka CRM metrics, also let you know when you are making progress and doing the right things. But what numbers or CRM metrics should you use…?
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