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CRM Success by the Numbers – Part 3: Proxies for Progress


There are also some good numbers that can be used as proxies for CRM success and progress, especially during the initial stages of a CRM rollout. This is a time when it can be a bit premature to try to count actual Clients or dollars in the door. But, at the same time, we may also have to deal with the reality that sometimes the people who just wrote that big check for the system may have slightly less-than-reasonable expectations – like thinking that once the system has been installed, money should start falling from the sky.

To reassure any of your key constituencies during the CRM rollout phases, you can consider CRM metrics such as:
  • Numbers of attorney contacts and records cleaned to prepare for system installation
  • Participation levels of key groups including partners, other attorneys, secretaries  and/or other key staff members
  • Numbers of assistants or attorneys trained on the benefits of CRM
  • Numbers of missing required data elements added and…
  • Numbers of prizes awarded to assistants or attorneys for achieving goals or progress

Once the CRM rollout progresses and you realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it isn’t a train) there are even more numbers you can use…

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