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CRM Success by the Numbers – Part 5: 0-Sum Game


CRM Success is not a zero-sum game. By definition, in a zero-sum game, the sum of the winnings and losses of the various players is always zero. Basically, it’s winner-take-all.

In contrast, if the CRM Success game is played right, everyone wins. The attorneys get more Clients, the firm makes more money, the Clients get better service, and the Marketing Department and CRM manager get to keep their jobs. The problem is figuring out how to play the game… especially when there are no written rules. This is where some game strategy can come in handy.
While CRM can’t be everything to everyone, it can help some key law firm constituencies with some challenging issues. On a good day, CRM can be pretty effective at improving communication, coordination, Client service and business development – things that all seemed to be important in the law firm the last time I checked. In fact, I bet if you asked almost any attorney in the building if any of those things is on their “important-stuff- I-need-to-do” list, at least one of these things is somewhere near the top.
But those same attorneys would never be able to tell you how CRM can help them – because most of them have no idea what it does. Some of them don’t even know what it is. But that’s ok because it’s not their job to know. It’s ours… 
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