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CRM Success Steps and Strategies – Part 8: Train Continuously


Even if you get everything else right, CRM won’t succeed without effective CRM training for all users.

Customize Training for CRM User Groups

It’s important to develop training plans and materials targeted to the needs of key groups. Assistants should attend classes customized to their work routines, while training for attorneys should focus on business processes, not buttons to push. To really enhance attorney engagement, training should take place in their offices and should take no more than 30 minutes.

This training is often most effective when it’s done by someone who can communicate CRM benefits, which is why many firms have Marketing lead the attorney training.

CRM Training Doesn’t End

Also, because CRM is ongoing, training doesn’t end after the rollout. Be sure to create continuing education for new hires and laterals. Finally, to get people to attend training, don’t forget one of the biggest keys to CRM success in a law firm: Food…….!

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