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Diving Into CRM – Part 1


Have you ever heard the saying that you have to walk before you can run? It’s usually being spouted off by one of those really annoying, self-important know-it-alls with all of their clever little sayings. You know, the ones who are usually all talk. Anyway, I’ve heard them say this about CRM too, but I disagree. Instead, I would say that CRM is more like a triathlon: you have to swim before you can run (ok, a triathlon without the cycling….and after swimming and running, most of us would be too tired to care about the cycling anyway).

OK, I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck all that means. It means that different firms approach CRM in different ways. Some firms dive right in head-first with both feet. Of course, those firms often later need someone to toss them a life preserver. Some even require resuscitation, which is what some people call it when they attempt to roll out a CRM system for the third time.  

Other firms commit to only a toe. They walk up to the pool with their water wings on and do as little as possible for fear of drowning. Years later, you can often still find them by the side of the pool watching all the cool kids splashing around and wishing they had the courage to go in. If they could only conquer that fear, they might have a great experience and may even learn new things. 

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