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Eat Your CRM Vegetables


Since we’ve just talked about– and walked – the CRM Treadmill, let’s keep the health-y CRM metaphor rolling. 

Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables… whether you liked them or not… because they were good for you… and they’d help you to grow up big and strong. Right? Well it’s the same with CRM.
Sometimes, to achieve CRM success, we have to do things that we don’t like because we know they will ultimately be good for us:
  • Secretaries typically don’t like taking the time to make sure that all of their attorneys’ contacts are correct and complete,
  • Attorneys typically don’t like spending time going through their contacts to decide which ones are private and which should be shared. (Heck, some attorneys don’t like sharing their contacts, period – but that’s a topic for another day),
  • Marketing certainly doesn’t enjoy going through every mailing and event list to make sure that it is accurate – and then having to deal with all the bounced-back communications, and
  • Nobody really relishes the ongoing commitment of time, money and other resources that CRM success sometimes takes.
But to succeed with CRM, we do these things because we know that if we commit to do the work and dedicate the time and resources – if we eat our vegetables – we can achieve CRM success… which means we will be more effective in our communication, coordination and Client service… and we will develop more business… and increase revenue… and grow our firm…. (and then we can have some ice cream.) 
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