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New York City
LMA Northeast Region – New York Local Group
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A Tale of Two CRM Systems

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity… It was a period much like the present period (in fact, it is the current period)… It is the year two thousand and eighteen and, for the first time, CRM technology is the largest and fastest growing software market, with revenue reaching almost $40 billion. And yet, for many law firms, working with CRM can feel like… The age of foolishness… the winter of despair… the season of darkness… Alas!

But fear not… CRM Success Is Possible!

Chris Fritsch, Founder and CRM Success Consultant, CLIENTSFirst Consulting will lead a panel including Kenya Jiu, Marketing Manager, Kobre & Kim and Shawn Koupal, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Shearman & Sterling LLP  and share tales of two firms that have implemented different CRM systems in diverse ways to achieve comparable successes.

You will benefit not only from their wisdom, but from their mistakes. You will learn best practices as well as creative ways to get things done on a budget.

Topics covered will include some of the key areas of CRM success including:

  • Evaluating and selecting the right CRM system
  • Setting realistic expectations and achievable goals
  • Gaining leadership buy-in
  • Getting system adoption and utilization
  • Avoiding pitfalls and navigating roadblocks in implementations
  • Constructing a plan to enhance CRM success
  • Measuring success and return on investment

Rest assured, after attending this presentation, you may actually leave feeling as if it’s the spring of hope… the season of light… you have everything before you and you may even want to reinvigorate your CRM program (or at least go re-read a famous piece of classic literature).

Cahill Gordon Reindel LLP
80 Pine Street, NY, NY 10005

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