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Competitive Intelligence in the Modern Law Firm - Client Intelligence: Using CI for Smart Business Development

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Chris Fritsch joins an outstanding lineup of legal marketing and competitive intelligence experts for Ark Group’s 12th Annual Competitive Intelligence in the Modern Law Firm,  where she will present  ‘Client’ Intelligence – Using CI for Smart Business Development. In this session, Chris is joined by Stefanie Marrone, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP. Together, they’ll discuss how most law firms have accepted that Competitive Intelligence is important. But not all firms are able to quantify its importance. Additionally, CI can be challenging, requiring ongoing investments of time and money. But not all firms currently are able to commit the necessary staff or financial resources. Most importantly, to be effective, CI requires a strategy. Yet many firms still don’t have a plan in place for gathering and utilizing CI.

This presentation will not only provide you with practical ideas and advice for overcoming some of these CI challenges, but will also share real-life stories of CI business development successes that you can use to quantify the value of CI and advocate for additional resources—addressing some of the most timely and relevant CI topics including:

  • Developing and implementing a CI strategy
  • Creating an effective CI report
  • Utilizing CI to prepare for business meetings and Client interviews
  • Dealing with resource constraints
  • Evaluating internal and outsourced staffing options
  • Working together with the lawyers to provide the BD information they need
  • Using CI for lead generation
  • Leveraging technology to enhance the value of CI
  • Communicating successes to enhance participation
  • What other successful firms are doing to drive CI initiatives at their firms

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