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Join Us for a Free Webinar on The Future of CRM – and the CRM of the Future

October 17 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The Future of CRM – and the CRM of the Future

As firms and practices are continually having to adapt to the shifting demands of clients and the challenges of today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to understand how CRM tools and other marketing technology can help firms optimize client communications and interactions, identify key relationships, improve efficiency, enhance business development and boost profitability.

In this webinar, dive into the rapidly evolving world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – those that are purpose-built for law and other professional services firms, as well as some cutting-edge technology outside the industry – and gain important insights from firms that are leveraging marketing technology to achieve significant growth and success.

Join us as we explore the current CRM and marketing technology landscape and project the transformative trends on the horizon.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Current CRM Landscape: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how CRM tools are currently being utilized in the legal industry, from client onboarding to business development to case management – and some best practices from outside the industry.
  2. The ROI of CRM: Discover quantifiable benefits that modern CRM systems bring to law firms, such as optimized marketing efforts, enhanced business development, increased client retention, improved client service and enhanced team collaboration.
  3. Challenges & Solutions: Address common challenges law firms face in CRM and marketing technology implementations such as buy-in, adoption and data quality and learn how to overcome them to ensure that your firm can leverage the full potential of these tools.
  4. Emerging Features & Innovations: Be the first to learn about the groundbreaking features and integrations set to debut in the future, including AI-enhanced automation, data analytics, lead generation and predictive client insights.
  5. Data Quality: Evaluate options to ensure that your data is clean, current, correct and complete to enhance adoption and ensure you can leverage data for analytics and business development.
  6. Strategizing for the Future: Equip yourself with strategies to ensure your law firm stays ahead of the curve, from choosing the right CRM platform to communicating system value to training your team and adapting to new functionalities.
  7. Automation: Learn powerful strategies to leverage automation to maximize system value while minimizing costs and attorney time required so the lawyers can spend more time with clients.

This webinar will provide attendees with a clear roadmap to guide their CRM strategy, help to navigate potential challenges and ensure they are able to harness the full power of existing and emerging marketing technologies to enhance the success and profitability of their firms.

The speaker faculty will include Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst Consulting and several in-house marketing technology professionals.

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October 17
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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