5:00 pm — 7:30 pm
Association of Talent Development – Greater Atlanta Chapter
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Secrets of CRM Success – How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM System

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Respected business research organizations state that up to 70% of CRM implementations fail to meet expectations – resulting in a tremendous loss of money, time, resources and credibility. The good news  is that they don’t have to.  According to Chris Fritsch, CRM Success Consultant and Founder of CLIENTSFirst Consulting, with the right strategy, planning and processes in place, a CRM implementation can actually improve client service, strengthen relationships and increase revenue.

Whether you’re attempting to select a CRM, leading a new initiative or trying to enhance your current implementation, Chris’s presentation will address the most common CRM challenges and offer effective solutions. Participants will take away real-life lessons and information that will enable them to:

  • Understanding top reasons why CRM initiatives fail – and how to avoid them
  • Evaluating and selecting CRM systems
  • Strategies and planning for success
  • Setting realistic expectations and achievable goals
  • Gaining support and buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Gaining adoption by providing value
  • Measuring success and return on investment
  • Communicating successes to drive participation
  • Lessons from leading organizations that have succeeded

Participants will also gain insights and learn best practices for CRM success while engaging in discussion and exchanging ideas on a variety of topics, including:

  • Assess organizational needs and configure the CRM to meet those needs
  • Effectively champion a CRM initiative
  • Avoid pitfalls and navigate roadblocks in implementations
  • Construct a plan to enhance CRM success
  • Set realistic expectations and goals
  • Craft an individual CRM benefit statement to encourage adoption
  • Create an internal communications plan
  • Define metrics to measure success and return on investment

Meeting Location:

Home Depot Customer Care Contact Center

2690 Cumberland Parkway, SE, Atlanta, GA 30339




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