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Going Up – Taking Your Personal Value Proposition to a New Level


Finally, to take your personal value proposition up a level – to really connect with a potential Client – articulate characteristics that may be of particular interest to them. Discuss things that differentiate you or your practice. Describe a niche area of expertise. Mention unique skills or knowledge. Talk about your Client focus and how you help people avoid risks or solve problems.

Your personal value proposition should be compelling and memorable, something that would make a potential Client want to hear more – and remember you after your initial meeting. It should also be interesting and engaging, since the idea is to spark a continuing conversation. You could discuss areas outside of work that you are passionate about but that make you better at what you do. This will humanize you and make you seem approachable. You could even use a little humor or even or tell a story. People love a good story – and they often remember them.

Most importantly, you should demonstrate some element of enthusiasm for your profession because your personal value proposition also gives the listener an initial impression of what it would be like to work with you – and first impressions can be powerful. Remember, all things being equal, in most cases people hire people they like and trust, and your personal value proposition is often your first opportunity to convey these characteristics to a prospective Client.

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