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Is CRM Dead?


It might appear that the development of all of this new relationship management technology could make the old CRM seem a little, well… tired. Let’s face it, it does seem like CRM has gotten a little long in the tooth. Some people might even say it needs to have some serious work done.

As a result, one question I’ve often heard asked is, “With all of new products, services and technology that are available for managing relationships, is CRM still relevant?” Taken to the extreme, we could even ask: is CRM dead?

It makes sense that this question would – and should – be asked considering the millions of collective dollars that have been spent on CRM systems over several decades – and the disappointing results or CRM failures that many people have reported as a result. In fact, at one point, pundits had proclaimed that more than 70% of all CRM implementations failed to meet expectations. So this question certainly deserves an answer – and some attention…

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