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Motivating Change for CRM Success


It’s always nice when something we say is reinforced by really smart people like the folks at McKinsey & Company. One of their articles about change management suggests that there are four basic conditions that must be met before people will change their behavior in the workplace:

  1. A compelling story: They must see the point of change and agree with it, at least enough to give it a try.
  2. Role modeling: Admired and/or respected colleagues must be seen modeling the desired behavior.
  3. Reinforcement systems: Surrounding structures, systems, processes and incentives must be in tune with the new behavior.
  4. The skills required for change: They need to have the skills to do what is required of them.

How does this translate into CRM success, you may ask? Well here are some CRM best practices we have always proposed for success:

Some Best Practices for CRM Success

  • Create a vision statement for CRM success. Professionals and support staff must understand why CRM is important to the firm, what will be expected of them and, most importantly, what’s in it for them.
  • Key firm leaders must actively support the CRM program. They should be the first ones to contribute their contacts and should help to create the vision, foster communication and recognize successes.
  • Put processes and procedures in place to enhance results including an internal communication campaign, incentives for participation and rewards for successes.
  • Make CRM training a priority. Initial training should be conducted in person using real life data and scenarios. Ongoing training should be designed to encourage long-term results and success.

It’s always nice when you find out that what you originally thought was a best practice – or even just common sense – is actually pretty smart. Thanks, McKinsey.

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