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David Whiteside

Dave Whiteside is Director of Client Growth & Success at CLIENTSFirst. Dave’s focus is helping the company grow and expand its CRMData QualityeMarketing and Client Intelligence service offerings, and building alliances that help deliver additional value to Clients.

With more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience, Dave offers Clients extensive knowledge of marketing technology and business development in legal, accounting and professional services business environments. Known primarily for his deep knowledge of business development processes and technologies such as CRM and competitive intelligence, Dave is well-respected for the high level of service he provides his clients who call on him regularly for advice.

Prior to joining CLIENTSFirst, Dave held numerous sales and sales management roles at Thomson Reuters, in the legal and accounting marketing technology software and services areas. Previously, Dave was Vice President of a project management software and services organization, managing the sales and professional services teams while developing project management expertise.

Dave is a well-known speaker in the legal marketing industry and actively participates in the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). He enjoys sharing his expertise with legal industry audiences across the U.S.

A graduate of Lake Superior State University with a degree in Marketing, Dave also holds a MBA from St. Mary’s College in California.

When Dave is not traveling for Client service or industry meetings, he works from his home base of Jacksonville, FL.

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For years we have advocated that the two most valuable assets of a law firm are its collective relationships and experience. Like a track relay team passing the baton, relationships create opportunities and experience wins opportunities. Before you can generate more revenue, you have to create and win more opportunities. That’s sales. And to amass a firm’s collective capabilities and select the most relevant to achieve the desired outcome. That’s experience management. The question is - why don’t more firms invest in a robust experience management program to support their significant investment in their originating professionals – namely key client relationship partners, sales-oriented professionals, and marketing and business development teams – to

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If your CRM performance hasn\'t been living up to your expectations due to a lack of communication, training or data quality, you aren\'t alone. Respected research organizations have been saying for years that more than 70% of CRM implementations fail to meet expectations. But these CRM Success failures are often caused by people and process issues rather than technology issues. While every organization strives to make its CRM deployment as smooth and painless as possible, many get off to an unsteady start. From working with law firms and professional service firms of all sizes for more than a decade on CRM implementations we\'ve learned that they must have these three key supports
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