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Julie Amos

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Julie Amos is the Chief Strategy Officer at CLIENTSFirst Consulting LLC. She works internally with the CLIENTSFirst team to ensure seamless delivery of services and successful client outcomes. She also leads our marketing team efforts.

Julie is an accomplished marketing and business development professional with a history of performance, leadership and initiative in range of international environments, including Fortune 500businesses and both large and mid-size law firms. Her experience includes marketing, communications, business development, strategic planning, brand management, practice management, and media relations.

An experienced presenter, she speaks on a wide range of topics including strategy development, leadership skills, client development, pitch and presentation training, and team management. She is also an active member of the Legal Marketing Association.

Julie earned her B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Plymouth. She currently resides in a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA.

More From Julie

Moving Beyond Technology: CRM As A Strategy

Posted by and on Category CRM
The rapid pace of technology development can be dizzying. In the professional services arena, technology is accelerating change in every department and practice and affects almost all roles and responsibilities. In particular, marketing and business development professionals today are being tasked with implementing and understanding an increasingly wide array of technologies including CRM and ERM, digital marketing and event management tools, websites and blogs, proposal and experience systems and sales pipelines and other related and integrated systems. A New View of CRM CRM or Client Relationship Management is often at the center of the technology landscape. This is not only because CRM has been a core technology for decades but also because

Recognizing the Quiet Power of Your CRM Data

Posted by and on Category Articles CRM
by Julie Amos, Chief Strategy Officer and Chris Fritsch, Client Success Consultant Marketing departments today often spend a great deal of their time focusing on things that involve strategies and planning. To support these critical activities, they have built up and aligned key staff and resources. This is completely understandable given the pressure they are under to deliver results and value. While the pressure has always been significant, in recent years, with competition at unimaginable levels, it has intensified significantly. However, it may actually surprise many marketers to discover that one of the most important tools to help their firms deliver value and develop business isn\'t a strategic or planning initiative. In

Getting to the Heart of eMarketing

Posted by on Category Articles eMarketing
- by Julie Amos, Chief Strategy Officer Recently, legal marketing professionals from around the globe gathered in New Orleans for the 2018 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference. One breakout session titled, “Humanity Isn’t a Trend – It’s the Key to Digital Marketing and Branding Success,” presented by Terry Isner, CEO at Jaffe, was an insightful directive for legal marketers to “remember that, regardless of technology, there is always a person on the other end looking for something ... most likely your lawyers’ help.” Terry’s presentation provided a timely and targeted reminder that no matter the medium, it is vital for marketing professionals to remember the human part of the marketing communications process.
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