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CRM Expertise When You Need It

Outsourced CRM Staffing

Good CRM employees are hard to find. It takes a great deal of time and training to learn the functionality and intricacies of today’s complex CRM and marketing technology software and systems.  While it can be a struggle to fill CRM staffing roles, the longer the roles go unfilled, the more your CRM data quality degrades. But, help is available!

CLIENTSFirst provides a variety of outsourced interim CRM and staffing assistance – from CRM Data Stewards and Administrators to Project Managers and Help Desk Staff – on a full-time or part-time basis to fill any need.

Our Outsourced CRM Staffing team includes:

Data Quality Professionals

Our U.S.-based data cleaning professionals are dedicated to helping you with data quality and function as a part of your team. We provide several levels of assistance spanning the entire life cycle of your CRM database, from basic data cleaning specialists to data stewards to CRM managers and administrators.  Our data quality services include:

  • Database Cleaning Services & Solutions
  • Data Quality Planning & Goal Setting
  • Strategic Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Standards Guide Creation

and more…

Advanced Data Quality Professionals

Some CRM data quality tasks require additional experience to accomplish. Our team of Outsourced Advanced Data Quality Professionals can assist you with complex projects including:

  • Updating sensitive records, such as top client information
  • Researching and merging companies

and more…

CRM Help Desk

The Outsourced CLIENTSFirst CRM Help Desk is staffed with experts who can be on call to answer questions from your CRM users and assist in troubleshooting issues. Our CRM Help Desk professionals can also supplement your existing internal Help Desk staff as a CRM-specific resource. The most complex issues can also be escalated and resolved by our team of CRM Success Consultants,

and more…

CRM Administrators

Our outsourced CRM Administrators can assist your busy CRM Managers who are focused on strategy and need a knowledgeable assistant to handle everyday tasks. Outsourced CRM Administrators often assist with challenging projects such as:

  • Managing event processes
  • Importing and exporting lists
  • Generating reports
  • Creating complex searches

and more…

CRM Managers

Our CRM Managers offer the highest level of experience and expertise to meet your staffing needs. Our outsourced management team members have extensive experience with a variety of CRM systems as well as project management experience and excellent organizational and leadership skills. Our team works together with your team to keep your CRM database operating at optimum levels. Our CRM Management services include:

  • Managing lists and processes
  • Managing other CRM employees
  • Creating administrative CRM reports
  • Making CRM system configuration adjustments

and more…

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation to determine which of our outsourced professionals can help you overcome your CRM staffing challenges and put you on the path to CRM Success.

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