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Day 10 How Business Development Supports Closing Business At Law Firms

12 Days of CRM: Day 10 – How Business Development Supports Closing Business at Law Firms

On the 10th day of CRM Chris “Kringle” Fritsch explained to me, how business development supports closing business for attorneys! To properly develop clients, successful business development is vital to win business. But without a clean, correct and up-to-date CRM…

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10 Tips to Maximize Marketing and Business Development Technology Value

Effectively leveraging marketing and business development technology is crucial for law firms looking to stay competitive and foster growth (which should be every law firm!). Marketing and business development technology, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and marketing automation tools,…

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Effective Marketing For Small And Mid-size Law Firms

Seven Reasons to Attend Our Effective Marketing Strategies for Small, Boutique and Mid-size Law Firms Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, August 15, as Chris Fritsch and Stefanie Marrone return for part two of their insightful webinar series focusing on effective marketing strategies specifically designed for small, boutique and mid-size law firms. During the session, they will…

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Alumni Relations Best Practices

Building Strong Bonds: The Benefits of Creating a Successful Law Firm Alumni Relations Program

Alumni relations is a powerful yet often underutilized aspect of law firm marketing and business development. Maintaining a robust network of former attorneys and staff can yield numerous benefits, from enhancing brand reputation to talent management to generating new business…

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Six Ways Law Firms Can Use Artificial Intelligence In Their Marketing Technology Efforts

Six Ways Law Firms Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Their Marketing Technology Efforts

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and law firms would be wise to learn how to use AI tools to their advantage, particularly in their marketing and business development efforts. Small and mid-size law firms with limited staff and resources…

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Nine Fundamental Principles Of Experience Management Part 1

Nine Fundamental Principles of Experience Management Part 1

As the legal industry becomes increasingly competitive, law firms are recognizing the importance of effectively managing their experience and knowledge to foster collaboration, demonstrate their expertise to clients and win new business. However, firms of all sizes continue to struggle…

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The Importance Of Accurate Data For Your Alumni Relations Program

Best Practices for Keeping in Touch With Your Alumni

Schools, businesses, non-profits and other organizations need alumni relations programs to help with critical initiatives such as recruiting, fundraising/donations, sales/business development, referrals and general positive branding. Keeping alumni properly informed and engaged is one of the best ways to help…

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Five Business Development And Marketing Trends Impacting Smaller And Mid-Size Law Firms In 2023

Five Business Development and Marketing Trends Impacting Smaller and Mid-Size Law Firms in 2023 Plus Strategies for Success

Over the more than 15 years we have spent working together with hundreds of top law firms on marketing technology selection and success, we have seen a number of changes, developments and trends in the industry. This experience as trusted…

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ROI – The Only Technology Acronym That Matters

Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst Consulting will show how firms how can get payback from marketing technology investments and provide real value to the firm and attorneys. You will explore legal marketing technology tools for relationship management (CRM and ERM) CI and BI, proposal generation, experience management and social media, and learn how they can be implemented strategically to improve communication, coordination and Client service and increase revenue -- all of which can ultimately raise the credibility and profile of your marketing team.
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Outsourcing Options And Opportunities – Part 1: Outsourcing Can Make Your Firm More Competitive Blog Post

Outsourcing Options and Opportunities – Part 1: Outsourcing Can Make Your Firm More Competitive

A recent article in the ABA Journal proclaimed, “Boom years for law firms were an aberration.” The article quotes information from a 2013 Client Advisory report from Hildebrandt Consulting and Citi Private Bank which predicts that the double-digit rate increases that occurred…

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