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How to More Effectively Use Martech in 2023 and Beyond – Master Class


A staggering up to 70% of CRM and other technology implementations fail to meet expectations. The problem has more to do with people and process than technology. You often don’t get a second chance to get buy-in to the CRM once it fails. So what do you do?

Chris Fritsch covered this topic and more in her recent webinar with Stefanie Marrone on marketing technology trends and tips for law firms and professional services firms.

Chris and Stefanie covered CRM strategy, data quality management, eMarketing, outsourcing, content marketing and social media best practices.

They also noted the top trends in marketing technology for law firms in 2023, which include:

  • ‘Digital first’ strategies
  • New CRM systems
  • ERM focus
  • Redefining adoption
  • Marketing technology managers
  • Outsourcing
  • Mobile
  • Pipelines and other advanced BD Tools
  • AI
  • Content marketing
  • Engaging with alumni

Watch a replay of the webinar.

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