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Win Back Subscribers Through Re-engagement


Say you have 2.5 million subscribers to your firm’s e-communication platform. How many of those are engaged and active? According to HubSpot, companies lose about 25% of their mailing list subscribers each year. In the case of this example, that’s 625,000 subscribers annually.

Inactive subscribers who no longer engage with your content contribute to mailing list decay. As that happens, you run a greater risk of damaging your sender reputation and email deliverability rates. This is why maximum mailing list retention should be a priority.

In this article, Jacqueline Madarang offers a step-by-step guide and best practices for re-engaging with your contacts. Read the article,Win Back Subscribers Through Re-Engagement.

This article originally appeared in LMA’s official online content center, Strategies & Voices, and is published here with permission of the author and LMA.

Jacqueline Madarang

Jacqueline is a member of the Marketing, Business Development and Communications leadership team at Bracewell. In her role, she oversees the firm’s centralized marketing operations and technologies, coordinates efforts of marketing and business development team members on cross-functional projects and tasks, works across the full department to increase marketing efficiency and organizational agility, and to help measure, in a continuous and systematic way, how the marketing/business development function helps the firm most effectively grow revenue.

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