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Your Business Development Plan – A Blueprint for Success


Like most things that are challenging – but can also be rewarding – business development success starts with a plan. To be really effective, you have to put together a strategy and plan that you can execute and measure success against. Without a plan, you will likely end up wasting the one resource that is the most precious – time.

Because time is limited, it’s also important not to spend too much of it creating the plan either. Of course you need to spend enough time to prepare a well-thought-out plan, but remember, you aren’t writing a sequel to war and peace. I’ve seen many a professional business development plan in filled with exacting detail, professionally bound, divided into sections and even annotated with a table of contents. The place you most often find that kind of plan is on a bookshelf gathering dust. Instead your goal should be to create a plan that is realistic, flexible and achievable…

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