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Your CRM Journey – Part 6: Your Compass


Sometimes when you are on your CRM journey, you may get turned around. You may even feel like you have lost sight of your destination. It can seem as though you’ve passed the same landmarks over and over again without making any real progress. You may even get so dizzy or disoriented that you don’t know which way to go next.

At times like these, one of the things that can really help you stay on the right path is a good compass. By this I mean someone who you can turn to for guidance along the way. Your compass is the person who can point you in the right direction, even when you have gotten completely turned around.

A CRM Expert Can Help You Stay the Course

This person could be a director or supervisor who sees where the firm is trying to go and who understands how CRM can help to get there. It could be a mentor at another firm or within the industry who has already blazed a similar trail. It could also be a consultant or CRM expert with significant experience  who can help you create the roadmap and plot your course. 
No matter who you decide to turn to for direction, it’s essential that you find a compass who can help you to locate your ‘True North’ — CRM success.
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