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Your CRM Journey – Part 7: Points of Interest


While focusing on your ultimate CRM destination is, of course, important, it can also be beneficial to check out the scenery along the way. In your CRM planning, recognize that you need to take a little time to smell the CRM ‘roses’ and relish your successes to ensure the journey is sweet.  

Mark the Milestones in Your CRM Planning

There are a lot of points of interest that can be…well, interesting. You may even want to plan in advance what sights you want to see. Think about what made you want to embark on the CRM journey in the first place.
  • What were your goals for this journey?
  • What landmarks did you hope to reach en route?
  • Where did you hope to end up?

For example,

  • Are there certain levels of CRM adoption you want to reach?
  • Are you interested in improving mailing lists or event management?
  • Do you hope to be able to identify a certain number of relationships to enhance business development?
  • Do you need to improve data quality as you move forward?
All of these are worth visiting. And when you arrive at one of these important points, you will want to memorialize the achievement by sending a postcard, so to speak. Communicate the successes with others at the firm to let them know that you have all worked together to reach a crucial milestone. 
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