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Data Management Via Technology For Law Firms with Chris Fritsch

Company Founder and CRM Success Consultant, Chris Fritsch, recently joined legal podcaster and thought leader extraordinaire, Jared Correia, on popular podcast, the “Non-Eventcast.”  

Jared and Chris discuss everything from the value proposition of river cruises in France (wine + cruises, what could go wrong?) to the foundational importance of having the right data for law firms’ marketing and business development teams.

Listen here to join in on this fabulous conversation with two legal tech legends!  

Episode Highlights
03:49 The importance of good and reliable data for lawyers, its role in law practice, and common mistakes around data management
04:32 How law firms are dealing with data handling
12:20 CRM and Enterprise Relationship Management and the need for automation in contact capture
17:04 The involvement of AI
19:24 Successful data management in a top law firm, utilizing multiple data stewards
21:34 Various types of data and their roles maintained by data stewards
23:40 The difficulties in getting law firms to utilize technology effectively

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