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CRM, Data Quality and eMarketing Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

CLIENTSFirst Consulting helps financial services entities succeed with CRM. The CLIENTSFirst team has more than a decade of experience delivering CRM Success consulting, data cleaning and eMarketing services to leading organizations in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital and other sectors of financial services.

Investment Banking

Whether an investment banking institution is in the business of underwriting, originating and maintaining markets for clients issuing securities, providing advisory services, facilitating mergers or acting as principal in buying or selling securities, nothing is more important than building and maintaining a strong network of relationships.

Sophisticated CRM systems are essential to manage and leverage investment banks’ customer relationships and key contacts. From client onboarding through delivery of exceptional customer service, a well deployed CRM allows relationship managers to focus on their clients and improve efficiency of administrative tasks.

Private Equity Groups

Private equity groups (PEGs) and their portfolio firms make quick decisions in a highly competitive market, and that requires fast access to accurate and timely data. Engaging successfully in the private equity realm also requires strategic networking and strong relationships.

Whether a PEG is investing in a company, fixed income securities or other assets, the competition is keen for sound investments and top talent. Building a trusted network and keeping contact data up-to-date is vital as it allows partners to effectively leverage their valuable connections.

Private equity firms require sophisticated CRMs to manage all aspects of their business. Whether building intelligence data on limited partners, creating processes for nurturing prospects and earning investors’ trust, developing intelligence on interactions and deals to gain competitive advantage or evaluating performance, CRM is an essential tool for managing a private equity business.

Venture Capital

Sophisticated investors in this high-risk industry want to know their investments in start-up companies have a high probability of success. VC firms are constantly challenged to identify ideal investors, hit fundraising goals, invest in the best deals and manage portfolios while maintaining strong investor relationships.

From locating start-up technology companies with high growth potential that require seed capital to strengthening relationships with companies engaged in their first IPO, contacts and relationships are critical at all stages of development.

CRM is essential for venture capital firms to build and manage their extensive networks and relationships and to communicate effectively with business partners and other accelerators, startups, investors and media representatives.

CLIENTSFirst Solutions for Financial Services

At CLIENTSFirst, we help financial services organizations apply CRM and technology to leverage data and people within their networks, to effectively engage, close deals and generate revenue.

The CLIENTSFirst Team delivers expert CRM and eMarketing consulting, data cleaning and enrichment services, and outsourced CRM and data quality staffing resources to help financial services companies succeed.

Let us help your organization succeed and gain returns on your CRM investment. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your CRM, Data Quality or eMarketing needs at 404-249-9914 or

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