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Helping Accounting Firms Succeed and Grow
with CRM, CRM Data Cleansing, eMarketing and
Client Intelligence

At CLIENTSFirst, we strive to gain an understanding of each client’s business and industry so that we can provide targeted insights and ideas to help them grow and succeed. Since 2007, we have focused on the unique needs and challenges of firms practicing in the professional services arena. What we’ve discovered is that while firms differ in their practices and services provided, their CRM, Data Quality, eMarketing and Client Intelligence challenges are similar.

For more than a decade, our team of almost 100 consultants and CRM professionals have been helping leading boutique and mid-size accounting firms achieve CRM success. We help firms and professionals select and implement CRM, eMarketing and other marketing and client intelligence services to achieve real results and return on investment.

The CLIENTSFirst Team

Our team of professionals have strong backgrounds in professional services, technology, marketing and business development. Some have worked for top professional services CRM companies or served as CRM managers within top Professional Service firms. They leverage their unique blend of experience and insight to achieve the ultimate goal: Client success.

Our Accounting Industry Experience

Accounting firms and professionals need to organize and track client relationships and communicate regularly with their clients and effectively market their services. Additionally, many firms also require sophisticated pipelines and marketing analytics – two of the areas where CLIENTSFirst has significant expertise.

In fact, the CLIENTSFirst team has years of experience working with all of the top CRM systems most frequently selected and successfully implemented by accounting firms. Additionally, we have significant experience with many of the most popular systems utilized outside of the accounting industry.

A CRM Success Story

We also understand other essential accounting firm systems and software including eMarketing, time and billing, HR and other types of technology. Our depth of knowledge of professional services firm technology allows us to share information and make recommendations regarding integration and process automation.

Equally important, we have unsurpassed expertise dealing with people and process issues, which are often more critical to success than the technology.

We offer a complete portfolio of CRM and eMarketing consulting services, CRM Data Cleansing solutions, and Client Intelligence services to help your professionals and your firm succeed.


The CLIENTSFirst Consulting team has decades of experience helping accounting and other professional services firms succeed with CRM. Whether you are in the initial stages of CRM selection, leading a new CRM initiative at your firm or attempting to enhance the success of your current implementation, our CRM consulting solutions and services are designed to help you succeed.

Data Quality Solutions

Make no mistake: there is no “magic bullet” for data quality in terms of systems or technology.  Good data quality requires good people. Our trained team of US-based data quality professionals, CRM data stewards and data quality consultants can help you put a CRM data cleansing strategy and plan in place and execute it to help you improve data quality, while reducing costs – and headaches.


eMarketing is about more than just e-mail: it’s about automating communication processes to help enhance business development efforts and build lasting relationships with Clients. Our eMarketing consultants are familiar with all of the leading eMarketing and Marketing Automation software and systems. We can help you to choose the right technology, successfully implement and integrate the system and put processes in place to increase ROI and achieve eMarketing results.

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