Management consulting is a growing, $250 billion industry with more than 700,000 consulting firms providing services for all types of business globally, according to Inc. in 2017. Whether the consulting focus is strategy, operations, tax, finance, HR or IT, business consultants are integral to corporate life. From defining strategic direction to providing additional support to in-house teams to performing outsourced work, consultants are essential to the success of most large organizations.

In the consulting world, industry-leading global research and advisory firms, boutique consulting groups and every type of consulting organization in between face intense competition for business. Building networks of clients and contacts who can refer new business and help elevate awareness of a consultant’s expertise and value must be a high priority if consulting groups are to succeed.

Personal contacts with senior executives are the foundation for relationships that can yield repeat business and referrals over time. Consultants must organize and nurture these relationships and communicate regularly and effectively to market their services and build new business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential for managing these valuable, collaborative ecosystems and building and sustaining individual relationships in the competitive consulting arena.

CRM, Data Quality and eMarketing Solutions for Consulting Firms

CLIENTSFirst Consulting helps consulting groups succeed with CRM and marketing and business development technologies.The CLIENTSFirst team has more than 10 years’ experience delivering CRM consulting and data quality solutions to leading organizations. We simplify the complexities of deploying and maintaining CRM solutions and help our clients leverage CRM and technology to their full potential, to help achieve their business goals. To that end, our team provides expert CRM consulting, data cleansing and data management services and resources as well as eMarketing services and consulting. We support our clients from CRM system selection, implementation and training through integration with other systems. Our Data Quality Solutions team provides a variety of data transformation services and resources—from contact database assessments and expert data cleansing services to outsourced data stewards. Our eMarketing team offers an array of services to manage vital communications with connections.

At CLIENTSFirst, our goal is to help our consulting clients apply CRM and technology to leverage the data and people within their networks and achieve returns on their substantial investments. We are here to help you succeed.