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The CRM Marathon

The CRM Marathon

By / August 4, 2017

Information, Ideas & Best Practices

How to Evaluate Your Data with Chris Fritsch

The Circle of Law: Content Marketing Strategies for Small to Mid-Sized Firms

Outsourcing for Small to Mid-Sized Firms

Data Management Strategies for Small to Mid-Sized Firms

Fixing Bad Data: There is No Magic Bullet

The Importance of Tracking Alumni Relations Data

How to Avoid CRM Implementation Challenges

6 Elements of CRM Success with Chris Fritsch

The Four P's of CRM: Plan, People, Process, Problems

The Basics of CRM Success Part 1

Alumni Data Management Strategies

How to Rethink CRM as a Strategy

Effective Marketing Strategies for Small to Mid-Sized Firms Part 2

Marketing Strategies for Small to Mid-Sized Firms Part 3

How to Build a Successful Alumni Relations Program

How to Pick the Right Email Marketing Tool

Tips for Redefining Adoption

What is Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM)?

Basics of CRM Success Part 2

How to Effectively Use Marketing Technology in 2023 and Beyond Part 2

Letting Lawyers be Lawyers

Experience Management Masterclass Part 1

How the Legal Industry Can Use Artificial Intelligence Tools In Marketing

LMA Mid-West Michigan: Choosing the Right CRM for Your Law Firm

Swiss Army CRM: What Should CRM Do For You?

Experience Management: Do's and Don'ts

How to Improve Your Data Management Practices

Four Experience Management Trends

Experience Management Masterclass Part 2

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing Technology and Content Marketing

How Law Firms are Currently Using Artificial Intelligence

Email Marketing and Artificial Intelligence Best Practices for Law Firms

Can Law Firms Use Artificial Intelligence In Their Marketing Efforts?

How Small and Mid-Size Law Firms Can Use Artificial Intelligence

Does Your Firm Need Marketing Automation?

Best Practices for Using Artificial Intelligence for Legal Marketing

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