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Real Estate

The dynamic real estate industry has an ever-increasing need for better and faster data access to support rapid delivery of services. Real estate clients expect rapid response times, and real estate professionals increasingly rely on automation to help manage deal flow and documentation, freeing time for client service and building relationships.

To be successful, real estate entities require high-quality customer service management systems (CRM) to more effectively manage relationships and every step of their customers’ journey and interactions. From leads to transactions, real estate companies use CRM to help manage real estate listings, property search and mapping, deal management, transaction management, reporting and ongoing client communications. CRMs provide the essential, centralized database that MLS and other systems require to produce seamless, productive integrations.

Real estate CRMs also support and simplify agent communications, the foundation of effective relationship building. Client relationships can potentially produce multiple deals over time, underscoring the value of maintaining current client contact data.

CRM, CRM Data Cleansing and eMarketing Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

CLIENTSFirst Consulting helps real estate entities succeed with CRM. The CLIENTSFirst team has more than 10 years’ experience delivering CRM consulting and contact data solutions to leading organizations. We simplify the complexities of deploying and maintaining CRM solutions and help clients leverage CRM to its full potential to achieve their business goals.

To that end, our team delivers expert CRM consultingdata transformation and data management services and resources, and email marketing services. We support our clients from CRM system selection and rollout through integrations with other systems and ongoing user training. Our Data Quality Solutions team provides a variety of contact data management services and resources—from contact database assessments and expert CRM data cleansing services to outsourced data stewards. Our eMarketing team offers an array of services to maintain vital communications programs.

At CLIENTS First, our goal is to help our real estate clients apply CRM and technology to leverage the data and people within their networks and engage with clients to close deals.


The CLIENTSFirst Consulting team has decades of experience helping businesses succeed with CRM. Whether you are in the initial stages of CRM selection, leading a new CRM initiative or attempting to enhance the success of your current implementation, our CRM consulting solutions and services are designed to help you succeed.

Data Quality Solutions

Make no mistake: there is no “magic bullet” for data quality in terms of systems or technology.  Good data quality requires good people. Our trained team of US-based data quality professionals, CRM data stewards and data quality consultants can help you put a CRM data cleansing strategy and plan in place and execute it to help you improve data quality, while reducing costs – and headaches.


eMarketing is about more than just e-mail: it’s about automating communication processes to help enhance business development efforts and build lasting relationships with clients. Our eMarketing consultants are familiar with all of the leading eMarketing and Marketing Automation software and systems. We can help you to choose the right technology, successfully implement and integrate the system and put processes in place to increase ROI and achieve eMarketing results.

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