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Evaluate & Improve eMarketing

Whether you are ready to evaluate your current eMarketing software and processes or implement a new program that integrates with your firm’s CRM, CLIENTSFirst is here to ensure your success.  We will work together with you to evaluate your current system and processes and provide the expertise and services  you need to get the most from your eMarketing initiatives, including:

  • Marketing Automation
  • eMarketing System Selection and Implementation
  • eMarketing System Integration with CRM
  • eMarketing Training
  • eMarketing List Management Processes and Best Practices
  • eMarketing Metrics Reporting
  • Outsourced eMarketing Support
  • Data Privacy Compliance

Evaluating Your Needs

Often, firms realize that their eMarketing initiative needs assistance but many are unsure of the best way to improve their programs.  Our consultants evaluate your current strategy and processes and provide recommendations for improvements.  We also provide customized eMarketing statistics evaluations that compare your statistics with industry averages and make recommendations for improving the firm’s email strategy.

If you are looking for a new system, we provide software comparison reports to help you decide the best choices for your firm and assistance with implementing your new selection.


Step One – Evaluation

Our experts evaluate your current eMarketing program to assess where you are now and work with you to get your initiative where you want it to be.  We interview your staff and stakeholders to determine your firm’s definition of eMarketing success.

Step Two – Recommendations

We create a process and resource analysis and provide best practice recommendations for modifications and improvements to staffing, processes and technology. We also provide recommendations for systems that integrate with your CRM software and analyses of email statistics as compared to industry averages.

Step Three – Change Management

Whether you need assistance with integrating your CRM with your eMarketing program or changing your processes through utilizing best practices or additional training, we can work with you to ensure your eMarketing update is successful.

Step Four – Training and Documentation

Our consultants offer in-depth customized training and documentation for regular and administrative users.  Our training always incorporates your firm’s procedures and workflows.

eMarketing Review and Improvement Solutions

eMarketing System Evaluation and Success Assessment

Useful for these eMarketing Stages: Any Stage

Our experts can work with you to review your firm’s culture and goals and provide recommendations to help you determine the best strategies for integrating your new eMarketing initiative into your firm. 

Our assessment can include the following:

  • Interviews with key Marketing stakeholders and staff to determine and evaluate:Aspirational definition of eMarketing success
    • eMarketing processes and procedures
    • CRM integration with eMarketing review
    • Training methods, materials and processes
    • How eMarketing technology is being used to support marketing processes
    • Integration of key systems or data
  • Creation of Strategic eMarketing Process and Resource Analysis Report and Recommendations
    • Best practices for effective eMarketing utilization
    • Communication of eMarketing best practices
    • Evaluation of current staffing
    • Assessment of current challenges and opportunities
    • Recommendations for eMarketing success
    • Recommendations for any needed staffing modifications or improvements
    • Recommendations for any needed process modifications or improvements
    • Recommendations for any needed technology modifications or enhancements
    • Training and resource recommendations

eMarketing Statistics Assessment

Useful for these eMarketing Stages: Review and Improving

Analyzing email statistics can aid in judging not only readership of firm publications but also interest in firm services from clients and prospective clients, allowing for adjustments in overall marketing strategies. This report reviews several email statistics and make comparisons with industry and overall email averages followed by recommendations and best practices for managing and improving the firm’s eMarketing strategy.

eMarketing Software Comparison Report

Useful for these eMarketing Stages: Selecting and Implementing; Improving

An in-depth comparison of current eMarketing products used by professional services firms, our report compares software and services on several factors including ease of use, template creation and flexibility, integration with CRM, etc.

eMarketing Training

Useful for these eMarketing Stages: Any Stage

Appropriate for either a new system rollout or as a refresher, our tailored eMarketing training ensures your staff is equipped for eMarketing success.

Training services include:

  • In-depth customized training for regular users and administrative users
  • Creation of Firm-Specific Training Documentation
    • Customized using screenshots and processes particular to your firm
    • Mailing list and event management processes and procedures

Let us help you decide

CLIENTSFirst’s consultants are ready to help you improve your eMarketing initiative. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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