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Meghan Van Dalinda

Meghan Van Dalinda, Director of Divisional Operations, Data Quality and Client Intelligence

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Megha Van Dalinda, Senior Director of Client Engagement Success, drives operational excellence across all business facets of CLIENTSFirst Consulting. With more than 15 years of client relationship management and project management experience inside and outside of the professional service industry, Meghan oversees the process and operational improvement for all activities and proactively manages resource allocation to deliver projects rooted in exceptional quality ensuring the satisfaction of all her clients.

Since joining CLIENTSFirst Consulting in 2014, Meghan has delivered superior client service through managing the engagement lifecycle for all clients including defining the scope of projects and establishing goals while overseeing the quality control of all data quality services, client intelligence reporting and managing implementations and training programs.

Meghan began her career in the pharmaceutical industry and other service-focused industries where she developed and executed B2B and B2C marketing strategies including traditional and digital channels, business development proposals and tradeshows.

Prior to joining CLIENTSFirst, Meghan was part of the marketing team at Lowenstein Sandler LLP where she gained deep knowledge in CRM – including ContactEase and InterAction – from strategic planning and system rollout to implementations, ongoing system maintenance to end-user training.

When Meghan is not serving her clients or managing her teams, she resides in New Jersey where she is a volunteer Fire Fighter for the Township of West Milford New Jersey Fire Department and is a Community Emergency Response Team Manager where she trains community members to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their community.

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