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data quality solutions

Do You Have a Problem with Bad Data? You’re not alone.

Research shows that up to 30% of CRM data degrades each year.


CLIENTSFirst can help solve all your data quality problems. We offer a number of cost-effective options and solutions to ensure that your data is clean, correct, current and complete.

Our TRUE Data Quality methodology includes:

    • Testing
    • Researching & reporting
    • Updating
    • Enhancing


TRUE DQ Data quality

  • Number of records that can be automatically corrected and enhanced with new information
  • Numbers of good and bad email addresses
  • Record segmentation by company information such as industry, country, size and revenue
  • GDPR and CASL compliance issues
  • Data Quality Assessments: Our consultants manually inspect your data and run searches and reports to determine
  • Numbers of duplicates
  • Missing information
  • Incorrect information
  • Incorrectly formatted information

RESEARCHING & REPORTING: We research your data and report on issues to identify your needs and the scope of your project.

  • Reports: Our comprehensive reports help you understand the scope of your data project and the work required to fix your problems and enhance your data.
  • We then work with you to create a plan and budget for data cleaning that meets your needs.
  • Some organizations need some data to be nearly perfect. Achieving this level of comprehensive data quality requires dedicated data stewards to research and enhance records that can’t be automatically cleaned.
  • Other organizations deal with large volumes of data where full, manual methods can be cost-prohibitive. Our automated process can often achieve a high level of accuracy for even large data sets, at a reasonable cost.
  • Automated and/or Manual Data Cleaning and Updates: We run a data export against a database of current contact information from a variety of reliable sources to update bad data as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Then our trained Data Quality Professionals work with and perform data cleaning on the remaining data that could not be automatically enhanced. During these processes we:
  • Update incorrect information such as emails, titles, addresses, phone numbers and countries
  • Update employment information for job changes
  • Fix invalid and bounced emails

ENHANCING: We enhance your data through automated and manual processes.

  • Automated and/or Manual Data Enrichment: We run a data export against a database of current contact information from a variety of reliable sources to enhance incomplete data as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Then our team of outsourced data stewards can help with critical data quality tasks. These processes include:
  • Merging duplicate people and company records
  • Adding missing information such as emails, titles, addresses, phone numbers and countries
  • Associating people and company records
  • Enhancing information such as industries to allow you to better target and segment marketing efforts

ADDITional Data Quality SErvices


In the past, dealing with data quality staff often required a ‘revolving door’ approach: you had to find the right people and hire them, train them, compensate them, motivate them, manage them – and frequently replace them, starting the process all over again. With data quality outsourcing, we assume the responsibility for finding, hiring, motivating and managing your data stewards so you and your staff can close the revolving door and get back to focusing on more strategic or crucial priorities.

Our U.S.-based data cleaning professionals are dedicated to helping you with data quality and function as a part of your team. They are trained on all CRM data quality tools and provided with research training and resources that allow them to be faster and more effective than most internal data stewards. They are trained and managed by supervisors who have years of experience working with or for top CRM companies.

Whether you need one full-time data steward to maintain and enhance ongoing data quality, or several people to assist you with a CRM rollout or major data cleaning project, we can muster the right resources for you – and often at a significant cost savings.


Our data quality trainers and supervisors provide customized instruction on data quality for all leading CRM systems. These professionals can train and supervise your personnel on essential skills and best practices for CRM data cleaning, processes and procedures. They can also help you scope and schedule data quality projects and tasks and monitor team performance.

Our data quality consultants will work with you to learn or define your data styles and standards and create a Data Quality Standards Manual that reflects your organization’s unique style. This document guides processes and procedures for inhouse and outsourced data quality staff. A quick reference style guide is also produced to guide your CRM system users in correct and consistent contact data entry and formatting.


At CLIENTSFirst, we don’t just care about your data – we also care about your budget. We know that each organization is unique, so our Consultants perform a cost-benefit assessment during each step of the process to make sure you get the right level of quality to meet your needs and budget. Of course, the most important question you should ask is, what is the cost of not fixing your bad data?


For more than a decade, our team of almost 100 U.S.-based Data Cleaning Professionals and Data Quality Consultants has helped hundreds of organizations clean and improve their data. Let us help you achieve correct, complete and current data—and develop a plan to maintain it. Contact us at 404-249-9914 or

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