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CRM Success Is Possible

CRM Solutions

With the right strategy, planning and processes in place, a CRM implementation can, and should, actually improve Client service, strengthen relationships and enhance firm growth. At CLIENTSFirst, our ultimate goal is your success. We offer a wide variety of services to enhance CRM success and improve adoption. We help you to set expectations and goals; gain buy-in and participation from key stakeholders; define, achieve, and communicate success; and measure and enhance return on your technology investments. Regardless of where you are in your CRM’s evolution — selecting a new CRM; looking to improve your existing CRM implementation; contemplating switching systems or enhancing your CRM data quality – our experienced CRM consulting team will work together with you to provide the right solutions or services.

Select a New CRM

Whether you are investigating CRM alternatives or evaluating new CRM options, our consultants can assess your needs and expectations and guide you through the CRM selection process to create a strategic implementation plan customized to your needs.

Improve Existing CRM

Our consultants can assess your current CRM system and processes to provide insight on how to optimally configure and deploy your system to achieve your goals. We can also help to improve system adoption and system utilization to enhance return on your CRM investment.

Review Your CRM

Some researchers estimate that up to 70% of CRMs fail to meet expectations. The good news is that success is possible! Our experts can give you an accurate picture of where you are now, where you should be – and where you could be in the future – with your current system or by adopting new technology.

Improve CRM Data Quality

Clean, correct and complete data is essential to CRM success. If system users don’t trust the data, they may be hesitant to trust – and adopt – the CRM system. Our CRM data quality assessment digs deep into your data to assess needs and options for data quality success. From there we can assemble all of the data quality resources – including data cleaning, data enrichment and data steward services – you need for initial and ongoing data maintenance and integrity.

is a customized monthly program to meet your needs – all at a reasonable, predictable price to fit your budget.

Services help you overcome the most common CRM challenges including:

Gaining buy-in
Enhancing adoption
Improving data quality
Enhancing eMarketing list and event management

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