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Client Intelligence Services

To win and keep a company’s business, professional service firms must have a deep understanding of their clients’ business and industries. In response, many smart firms have purchased suites of client intelligence tools or hired dedicated analysts to gather information they need to make better business decisions and enhance their business development efforts.

Having easy access to the latest company and industry information is the key to business development success. But not all firms can dedicate the time or resources needed to properly support their professionals’ client intelligence and business development efforts.

CLIENTSFirst Client Intelligence (CI) Services Can Help

We provide the intelligence professional services firms and businesses need now – without the significant investment in staff or other resources. Our team of dedicated competitive intelligence professionals works together with you to provide the information you need when you need it. Our company, industry and competitor intelligence reports can help you to:

  • Easily identify opportunities to expand work with existing clients
  • Effectively build new client relationships
  • Strengthen bonds with existing clients
  • Cross sell more effectively
  • Support client and law firm teams
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Prepare for client surveys or interviews
  • Identify topics for thought leadership and content creation
  • Make smarter hiring decisions
  • Be aware of pertinent developments that can lead to business development opportunities

While it may sound counterintuitive, effective business  development often requires less, not more, information. Relevant research needs to be synthesized into actionable intelligence that can allow professionals to quickly spot and act on opportunities to provide services. Of course, since each professional may want different information, our competitive intelligence analysts consult with you to learn…

The first step in business development success is to learn all you can about the potential client: their current situation, future plans and long-term goals and the challenges and concerns they face. Our strategic company reports provide you with relevant company information including…

Key data on a client’s or prospect’s industry can also provide insights into opportunities for representation. Our reports can provide relevant industry information including…

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