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CRM Data Quality Services

Data Quality Solutions

Would you like to improve your data quality and reduce costs – and headaches? Nothing is more important to achieving CRM success than good, clean data. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to acheive. The CLIENTSFirst team can help you find the missing piece to the data quality puzzle. We provide an efficient and cost-effective approach to data quality that employs dedicated, well-trained, U.S. based data cleansing professionals. With our strategies, planning and people, we work with you to achieve data quality success.

In the past, dealing with in-house data cleansing staff often required a ‘revolving door’ approach: you had to find them, hire them, train them, compensate them, motivate them, manage them – and frequently replace them, starting the process all over again. With CLIENTSFirst Data Quality Professionals, we assume the responsibility for finding, hiring, motivating and managing your data team so that you and your staff can close the ‘revolving door’ and get back to focusing on more strategic or crucial priorities.

Our professionals are dedicated to helping you attain and maintain high quality and function as a part of your team. We provide several levels of assistance spanning the entire life cycle of your CRM database, from database cleansing specialists to data stewards to CRM managers and administrators.

Data Quality and Database Cleansing Services

An average professional can have more than 300 contacts. Of those, more than half can be duplicates of the contacts shared by other professionals in the CRM.  As professionals share more contacts within a CRM, the data quality becomes more and more of an issue and the resulting data dump can be daunting to manage.  Our database cleansing services team has the time, technology and expertise to provide you with clean, complete and correct data.

Whether you need one full-time data steward to maintain and enhance ongoing data quality or several people to assist you with a CRM rollout or major database cleaning project, we can muster the right resources for you – and often at significant cost savings!

Data Quality Planning and Goal Setting

Planning is crucial to success. In the initial stages of a CRM rollout, a data quality plan must be put into place for data cleansing tasks such as cleaning duplicates and standardizing data. If you currently have a CRM, you may have never created a full, functional plan.  Our U.S. based team will help you create a plan that allows you to optimize your staffing and avoid missteps that can drain time, money and resources. We can also help you gauge your return on investment by providing periodic progress updates throughout your data cleansing process.

Strategic Data Quality Assessment

When did you last take time to assess the data in your customer relationship management database?  Too often, data issues can be pushed further and further down the “to-do” list as more pressing tasks demand your attention.  But, to be truly successful, a CRM must have clean data.  We can help you evaluate your data needs and determine the optimal resources that should be deployed for initial database cleaning and ongoing database maintenance and integrity. We will work together with you to formulate a plan for data quality success.

Data Standards Guide Creation

Successful data quality processes begin with setting data standards.  Our team will work together with you to create a Data Standards Guide that reflects your firm’s unique style. This guide will assist your end users in consistent contact entry and formatting to reduce the number of duplicates and incorrect data entries in your customer relationship management. This guide will also be an invaluable resource for your data stewards as they clean and merge contacts daily.

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