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CRM Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint


When considering a CRM system, you may think that this is a technology that simply needs to be purchased, installed and implemented… but, in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. CRM is not a project, an initiative or a rollout. Rather, it’s a fundamental change, and an improvement, in how your firm manages and leverages its relationships. These relationships are critical to the success of the firm – which makes CRM essential for firm success.

It can actually be helpful to think of CRM as a marathon – a continuous and integral part of your marketing and business development efforts. But, like any marathon, it’s also important to understand that there can also be obstacles and roadblocks. Research by respected industry organizations indicates that up to 70% of all CRM implementations may fail to meet expectations, which can result in a significant loss of time, resources – and credibility.

The good news is that CRM success is possible! The key, as in any marathon, is preparation. Before the start of the race, there are a number of strategies you can employ to help you go the distance …

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