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12 Days of CRM: Day 7 – What You Should Do with Alumni Data?


On the seventh day of CRM Chris Kringle Fritsch explained to me, what to do with alumni data!

Chris Fritsch, Founder & CRM Success Consultant for CLIENTSFirst Consulting, and Stefanie Marrone, the Social Media Butterfly, came together to discuss the importance of alumni relations programs and how to start one for any sized law firm or business.

Stefanie asks Chris when a firm is taking on a data cleaning project, where do alumni contact records fall in? Are they as high of a priority as the other contacts on the list? How does one go about cleaning their data while still maintaining a strong alumni relations program?

Chris takes us into her process for cleaning data, starting with the strategy. You should sit down with key stakeholders at your business or firm and take a deep look at the most important data sets and emailing lists to get the most out of your data quality buck. And yes, alumni can easily fall into one of these lists so you must update accordingly ensuring their information is up to date and correct.

From there, it depends on the firms’ priority. If alumni are top of mind, then firms should create processes to properly label these contacts and put them on a mailing list to utilize them as a referral source to develop more business or bring on talented staff.

Watch as Chris Fritsch and Stefanie Marrone walk us through what to do with our alumni data when taking on a data-cleaning project.

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