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10 Tips to Maximize Marketing and Business Development Technology Value

Effectively leveraging marketing and business development technology is crucial for law firms looking to stay competitive and foster growth (which should be every law firm!). Marketing and business development technology, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and marketing automation tools,…

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Small And Mid-Size Law Firm AI Best Practices

How Small and Mid-Size Law Firms Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Their Marketing Efforts

In the rapidly evolving world of legal services, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just an emerging technology; it's a pivotal force revolutionizing how law firms of all sizes operate and market themselves. AI is helping law firm professionals improve…

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Effective Marketing For Small And Mid-size Law Firms

Seven Reasons to Attend Our Effective Marketing Strategies for Small, Boutique and Mid-size Law Firms Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, August 15, as Chris Fritsch and Stefanie Marrone return for part two of their insightful webinar series focusing on effective marketing strategies specifically designed for small, boutique and mid-size law firms. During the session, they will…

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