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Selecting & Implementing a CRM

Selecting a CRM system will be one of the most important and impactful decisions you can make. The right system can help your firm improve Client service and enhance revenue – but selecting the wrong system can have significant costs. We can help ensure that your CRM selection process goes smoothly.

Selection and Implementation Process


Step One – Firm Needs Assessment

Our consultants gather information about your firm’s needs and expectations and synthesize it into a report that identifies opportunities for success as well as potential challenges and provide you with recommendations for success.


Step Two – Planning and Goal Definition

We help you create an implementation plan and work with you to define measureable, achievable goals that are realistic and relevant to your firm’s requirements.


Step Three – Proposal and Vendor Assistance

We work closely with you to create proposal documents and communicate effectively with vendors so that information is presented in an easily readable, comparable format.


Step Four – Rollout and Implementation

From designating a rollout team to creating a timeline to communication to the end users, our experts help you craft an implementation plan that meets expectations and ensures a smooth rollout process.

CRM Selection and Implementation Solutions

CRM Success Assessment and Analysis

Useful for these CRM Stages: Any Stage

The first step in CRM success is analyzing your firm’s CRM needs and expectations.  The CRM Assessment provides you with crucial information and assistance to guide the CRM selection, planning and/or implementation (redeployment) processes.  Detailed interviews are conducted with key stakeholders. Questions are designed to gain insight into the firm’s key priorities and initiatives in order to create a Strategic CRM Plan customized to the firm’s needs.  The information is synthesized into a document that can serve as a roadmap for your CRM implementation or redeployment. The analysis will identify opportunities for success, as well as potential challenges, and will provide you with recommendations and best practices to enhance success.

CRM Rollout Planning and Assistance

Useful for these CRM Stages: Selecting, Review

Our experienced consultants work with you on all phases of your rollout.  We assess current processes for contact management, events management and data quality.  We look for opportunities to automate processes and help steer you clear of potential roadblocks or challenges. We work with you to create a rollout out schedule, complete with timeline and communication plans, as well as assist you in creating effective policies and procedures for managing data in your new system.

Targeted CRM RFP Creation / CRM Vendor and System Assessment

Useful for these CRM Stages: Selecting, Review

Selecting the right CRM system and provider is essential to your firm’s CRM success.  Some CRM systems ‘demo’ well – with lots of bells and whistles – but they have few successful implementations. Some other systems have entered the market only to exit a few years later.  As a result, it’s important to find a provider who takes the time to understand your firm’s unique needs and who will be there in the future to provide ongoing service and support. We can assist with selecting and assessing potential vendors; RFP creation; evaluation of vendor demonstrations and responses and assist with contract negotiations as needed.

Targeted CRM Communications Planning

Useful for these CRM Stages: Selecting, Review

Effective communication is essential to CRM adoption and, ultimately, CRM success. Ultimately, users have to buy in to the system or they won’t use it. To gain their buy-in you have to demonstrate the system’s value, both for them and for the firm.  Our communication planning is focused on understanding your firm and attorney needs in order to communicate value and drive adoption. Emphasis is placed on how CRM will make end users work easier, enhance their business development efforts and improve Client service. We can help you craft a communication plan to set user expectations, encourage enthusiasm, enhance adoption and promote success.

CRM Custom Consulting Services

Useful for these CRM Stages: All Stages

New CRM Implementations: Included in the overall implementation strategy of your CRM is the need to ensure that your system is strategically configured to meet the specific needs of your firm.  We can conduct meetings, asking targeted questions and explain how information will appear in your system.  Our experienced consultants can then take those requirements and configure your system to ensure the best return on your investment.

Existing CRM Implementations: After a Firm has been using the CRM system for some time, it may need specific, internally identified reconfiguration needs.  Often a firm will request that our consultants reconfigure a CRM database based upon our configuration review.  Our consultants can handle your reconfiguration needs at your request.

Our custom consulting services also include process and procedure review and assistance with tailoring your workflow to include best practices to optimize the use of your CRM database.

Custom consulting services are useful regardless of the stage of your CRM initiative.

CRM Training

Useful for these CRM Stages: Selecting, Improvement, Review

End User Training – Professionals and Assistants: Your CRM investment will not be fully realized unless the system is used regularly and consistently. To encourage adoption, people have to want to use the system. The key to driving adoption is user-focused training. Our CRM training focuses on the why, not the how of CRM. Training is tied to the needs and business processes of key user groups. We focus on the individual user’s perspective – identifying reasons they should want to use the system and ‘what’s in it for them.’

CRM Support and Marketing User Training: Our CRM Support training includes training for CRM Administrators and customized “Train the Trainer” boot camps tailored to your firm’s needs. Our Help Desk training gives your support team the skills they need to troubleshoot user questions effectively.

Marketing CRM users are usually the ‘power users’ of the CRM.  They must manipulate contact data into lists for mailings; search for groups of contacts based on certain criteria and deliver reports from the CRM to the firm’s professionals. We offer specialized Marketing User training tailored to their specific needs.  We also offer specialized Reports training for certain systems.

We offer specialized Data Steward training that encompasses best practices for maintaining your firm’s data quality. Additionally, data quality professionals responsible for data accuracy require a firm knowledge of contact research tools and techniques.  Our Data Research training provides them with the best practices needed to find information on people and company contacts.

Custom Training Documentation: Our consultants work with your firm to deliver high impact, easy to understand customized training documentation for all levels of your users. From complete user manuals to Quick Reference Guides for specific tasks to educational videos and email communications, we can tailor any CRM documentation to fit your specialized needs.


Ready for a Tune Up?

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