Strategic CRM Data Quality Services

CRM Data Quality Solutions

The Data Quality Challenge

We know that almost nothing is more important to achieving CRM Success than data quality. We also know that it can be incredibly challenging. In fact, research estimates that without dedicated data quality assistance, up to 30% of an organization’s contact data can become outdated or incorrect each year.

Additionally, because attention to detail is almost a de facto job requirement for many professionals, they notice errors. Already hesitant to share contacts, often professionals will refuse to use a CRM system if they feel that the data quality is incorrect, incomplete or otherwise inadequate. The resulting lack of buy-in or participation can result in significant costs and delays. For some organizations, it has even meant the failure of their CRM implementations.

Data Quality Success

Make no mistake: to enhance and maintain data quality, there is no ‘magic bullet’ in terms of systems or technology. Good data quality requires good people. There is no substitute for dedicated, well-trained data quality professionals. Unfortunately, those individuals are hard to find – and train – and manage – and keep.

Fortunately there is a more efficient – and more cost-effective – solution to these data quality staffing challenges. With the right strategy, planning and people, you can actually improve data quality while reducing costs – and headaches.

CLIENTSFirst CRM Services

At CLIENTSFirst, our ultimate goal is your CRM success. Whether you are in the initial stages of a new CRM deployment at your firm or attempting to enhance your current implementation, our team of almost 100 CRM and Data Quality Professionals can help you succeed. We offer a variety of solutions and options to enhance your data quality including:

Data Quality Assessments

The first step in a successful data quality project is to take the time to really assess your situation. Failure to adequately assess the scope of the problems can result in a project that takes longer and costs more than you expect. We can help you evaluate your needs to determine the resources that should be deployed for initial and ongoing data maintenance and integrity. We assess any existing data sources and databases to gauge the overall quantity and quality of the data. We evaluate levels of contact standardization and duplication, as well as how clean, complete and current your contact information may be. We then make recommendations and work together with you to formulate a plan for success.

Data Quality Standards Manual Creation

Before beginning a data cleansing project, our data team will work together with you to learn your specific standards, to create a Data Quality Manual that reflects your  organization’s unique style. The information is then refined and synthesized to produce a document to guide the processes of your data cleansing professionals. It can also be transposed into a quick reference guide to assist your end users in consistent contact entry and formatting, to reduce the number of duplicate records introduced into the database in the future.

Strategic Data Quality Professional Assistance

In the past, dealing with data quality staff often required a ‘revolving door’ approach; you had to find them, hire them, train them, compensate them, motivate them, manage them – and frequently replace them, which started the process all over again. With outsourcing, we assume the responsibility for finding, hiring, motivating and managing the team so you can close the ‘revolving door’ and get back to focusing on more strategic or crucial priorities.

Our professionals are dedicated to helping you and function as a part of your team. Whether you need one full-time data steward to maintain and enhance ongoing data quality, or several people to assist you with a CRM rollout or major data quality project, we can muster the right resources for you – and often at a significant cost savings!

Training, Supervision and Service

In the past, firm data stewards had to go through extensive training provided by CRM companies at significant cost to the organization. In addition, the old ‘revolving door’ of data staff meant that significant resources often had to be dedicated not only to training, but to frequent retraining, which was expensive and frustrating.

With data quality outsourcing, training is handled by our professionals, all of whom have held CRM training, management or data quality positions within top firms or who have worked with industry leading CRM companies. Additionally, because we know that an understanding of our Clients’ businesses can be crucial to success, we train our professionals not only on essential skills and best practices in CRM and data quality, but also on processes and procedures. We also focus on ongoing coaching to ensure that they are able to get up to speed quickly and master your data quality tasks. In addition, if you have internal data stewards who need training or retraining, our trainers can provide customized instruction in your own environment.

Our goal is to provide superlative service and foster communication. Our supervisors facilitate regular Client calls and meetings and provide comprehensive reporting. They can also help you define and scope your data quality tasks or projects.