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CRM Success by the Numbers – Part 2: Let Me Count the Ways – and Dollars


So what kind of numbers or CRM metrics might make sense? Ideally, you want to find ones that are particularly relevant to the attorneys and the firm. Often these will be numbers that are frequently preceded by a dollar sign – ones that relate directly to top line revenue or enhanced growth opportunities, like:

  • Increased opportunities for business development
  • Increases in revenue from key Clients
  • Increases in newly discovered relationships
  • Increases in cross selling opportunities between practices and attorneys
  • Increases in referral business
Then there are CRM metrics related to dollars saved, which also can contribute dollars to the bottom line. Some of these include:
  • Reduction in the amount of attorney and staff time spent on list management  
  • Reduction in the amount of time spent on repetitive or redundant tasks
  • Reduction in the number of disruptive internal e-mail communications
  • Reduction in the amount of time required to input contacts into the firm systems
  • Improved tracking and management of marketing and business development expenses
In addition to all of these numbers, there are additional numbers you can select based on the stage of your CRM lifecycle… 
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