3:30 pm — 5:00 pm
Nashville, TN
Association of Legal Administrators
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ROI - The Only Technology Acronym That Matters

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Companies make terrific technology tools for law firms but are sometimes too focused on the bells, whistles and acronyms designed to attract firms to their shiny new products. What many firms really need is a way to develop business — a problem that all the technology in the world often won’t solve.

A huge amount of firm dollars can be wasted on marketing technology that never achieves its desired potential. The good news is that it can. If buyers and sellers work together to identify, define and ultimately meet real attorney and firm needs with the right technology, they can reap real rewards and yes, ROI.

This presentation shows how firms can get payback from marketing technology investments and provide real value to the firm and attorneys. It explores legal marketing technology tools for relationship management (CRM and ERM) CI and BI, proposal generation, experience management and social media, and provides best practices for strategic implementation to improve communication, coordination and Client service — and increase revenue.