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How to Avoid CRM Implementation Challenges


Did you know that 70% of all CRM implementations fail to meet expectations?

A failed CRM implementation costs firms thousands of dollars, and wasted time and resources. And for those in charge of running the CRM system, credibility. But these high failure rates fail to show the real reason CRM implementations fail so much, people and process issues.

Technology should not be your initial focus. Avoid CRM implementation challenges by concentrating your time and resources on the professionals who will be using the system by demonstrating the system’s value. To further increase the chances of success, ask yourself these questions:

1. How are our users managing the process changes brought on by the new software?

2. Is training custom-tailored to convey the value the system offers its users?

3. Were integrations added, and metrics set to track efficiency and adoption rates?

4. Are our leaders committed to adopting the new system?

5. Have we properly laid out every step of the implementation and rollout phase?

By clearly defining organizational value and addressing your firm’s needs and goals upfront, firms can avoid CRM implementation challenges, achieve CRM success and see big returns on their initial project investment.

But your work isn’t done there. CRM success is an ongoing project that takes dedicated resources to maintain the overall integrity of the system.

Pre-pandemic, your data quality degrades by 30% every year, post-pandemic, your data quality could be degrading by more than 50%. Invest in the success of your firm by dedicating in-house or outsourced data stewards to regularly check and update your CRM data.

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